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VIDEO: What Google’s redesign of hotel booking ads really means

This week’s news that Google will eliminate fees for hotel booking links is the latest in a long line of moves by the search giant to grow its presence in travel search.

This latest change is a major one, with Google adding an organic listing to hotel search results that allows properties, online travel agencies and other booking sites to gain free visibility.

Up to four paid links will remain at the top of a hotel’s organic price list.

The ramifications of deciding to make this change are significant, with properties and intermediaries having to think about how to achieve decent placement in the organic listing, for example.

And will paid listings be dominated by brands associated with Booking Holdings and Expedia Group – that is, those with the marketing power to continue spending on visibility.

We spoke with Mirai CEO, hotel consulting and digital marketing specialist, Pablo Delgado, to understand what the development means for everyone in the hotel marketing ecosystem, including rivals and enemies of Google in the metasearch and OTA sector.

A detailed analysis is also available here on the Mirai blog.

Google eliminates fees for hotel booking links – ANALYSIS