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Travel Tech Powerhouses Partners with Pruvo to Increase Hotel Booking Profitability by 36%

HAIFA, Israel, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — How can travel agencies increase profitability in the midst of a pandemic? The solution was delivered today by Pruvo, announcing several new partnerships with travel technology companies, TravelgateX, DCS Plus, Parsec and IT4T Solutions. These partnerships will allow connected customers of these platforms, such as OTAs, travel agencies and hotel wholesalers, to access Pruvo’s hotel “Repricing” service directly from these platforms and increase profits from hotel bookings. 36% after having already sold the reservation.

“During these unprecedented times for the tourism industry, it is important to provide technology solutions that can help address the situation and maximize travel agencies’ profit margin for each hotel booking,” says Doron Nadivi, CCO of Pruvo. “We are delighted with these partnerships, as they allow hundreds of travel agencies worldwide to increase the profitability of their hotel bookings by an average of 36% using Pruvo Revenue Maker, without having to invest resources. in the onboarding process. What’s even more exciting is that Pruvo is integrating more IT platforms every week! IT platforms around the world are recognizing the need to provide their customers with innovative features to increase their profitability, now more than ever.”

“At times like these, we need to do everything we can to bring business to our customers and ensure they remain profitable,” says Andrei Savin, Director of Alliances and Partnerships at DCS Plus. “DCS Plus and Pruvo have signed a partnership agreement that will deliver exactly that: additional revenue for our joint customers.”

Benefits of these partnerships for travel sellers include:

  • Increase profits from hotel bookings by an average of 36%, risk-free!
  • No setup costs since all integration is done directly between Pruvo and each platform.
  • Generate new hotel sales using Pruvo Revenue Maker.

About Pruvo: Pruvo is an artificial intelligence-based solution that helps travel agencies increase their profits and sales. Pruvo achieves these goals through price changes that occur in the market from the time a hotel is booked until the last free cancellation date. Pruvo was launched in 2016 by Itai Marcipar and Regev Brody and has offices in Israel, Spain, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Media Contact:
Doron Nadivi
CCO of Pruvo
[email protected]


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