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Top 5 hotel apps to download for business travel

Editors’ Choice: Originally published October 13.

Hotels are improving their apps for travelers, especially road warriors who want speed and the ability to narrow their options as their travel plans can change quickly.

Branding apps produced by large hotel companies like IHG, Marriott, Hilton, Accor and Starwood are increasingly personalized than traditional travel agency booking apps like Orbitz or Trivago, said Andy Abramson, CEO of Comunicano, a Del Mar, Calif. based marketing communications company, which has traveled an average of 200 days per year for the past 12 years.

“These offer either the best rates or the best benefits,” he said.

As a road warrior who has stayed at various hotels over the past decade, Abramson often prefers apps run by the hotels themselves because “they know what I like and what I need” , did he declare.

Another hidden bonus he discovered while booking through the brand’s app is that it “often brings more benefits that aren’t always stated,” Abramson said. “The most important and beneficial is being able to cancel after the cut-off time, which is often granted if you are a loyal traveler or at the very least, a loyal property.”

Not all business travelers focus on points and benefits and prioritize price when choosing a hotel. Hotel Tonight, which offers discounts for rooms that have not been sold, ranging from this week to even next week, is a company that is “excellent” for its prices, he said.

Here are five hotel apps popular with travelers: