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“We were hoping to have this meeting in person, but we cannot delay this any longer,” he said.

Quanette Vasser-McNeal, a candidate for the canton committee, commented on the order during the public hearing on Monday.

“So it looks like a lot of zoning regulations are being changed for businesses, and I’m going to assume that not only will generate income, but open jobs. Is this the goal here? ” she asked.

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The goal is to update the township’s zoning ordinance to reflect changing development patterns, Orlando said, but added there may be more commercial development. The Planning Council does not take this into account in its recommendations, he said.

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“They’re really looking at land use patterns and figuring out what’s best for the community,” he said.

Among other changes to the ordinance, a 16-acre parcel along Route 47 was changed from residential to commercial to accommodate surrounding commercial development, a section between Route 9 and the parkway changed from “residential. suburban ”to“ downtown ”and several properties along Route 147 near the boardwalk have been dezoned from“ suburban commercial and residential ”to“ city business ”.

Along Stone Harbor Boulevard, the zoning of several lots will change from “rural conservation” to “coastal development”, while properties in the Easy Street subdivision will be zoned “residential” instead of “downtown”.