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The developer will transform the site of the Hotel Majestic into an outdoor location

Construction of the entertainment pavilion is expected to begin within the next 6 months at the former Majestic Hotel site in Hot Springs.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Development plans are underway for the Majestic Hotel site in Hot Springs to become an entertainment pavilion.

Rick Wilson is the President and CEO of RA Wilson Enterprises and Affiliates, a commercial real estate developer across the United States.

They have served companies like Fortune 500, but coming back to Hot Springs for this project is special for Wilson.

“It will be available for many theatrical opportunities throughout the year. We will be providing this entertainment opportunity not only to the top 50 artists they bring, but to local bands,” Wilson said.

The Arkansas native remembers being a boy in the ’60s and his mother would often take him to downtown Hot Springs, where the Majestic lived up to its name.

The Majestic reigned as one of the crown jewels of Hot Springs hotels before being abandoned and run down in the 1980s. The infamous 2014 fire that burned it down sparked renewal efforts across the board. downtown, but demolition and site clean-up took years.

The city ultimately purchased this real estate area to determine the best possible use.

Since then, there have been a lot of developer pitches with nothing concrete for the site. Wilson offered the city $ 2.1 million for the property.

Civil engineers have already started work on the project. They will plan to lay the foundation for the new site within the next 6 months. There’s a 90-day extension given to the company after the one Wilson thinks he can take advantage of.

He estimates the property will close in late April or early May 2022.

“We anticipate that the construction activity will take anywhere from nine to 11 months. So that brings us to complete this project approximately from January to February of [2023], ‘”Wilson said.

He says the first event is already slated for Spring Break 2023.

The venue will be a tribute to the past and Wilson said he was excited about the impact it will have on Hot Springs’ future.

“This project is ours. This will be a wonderful redevelopment project for downtown Hot Springs, ”Wilson said.