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Royal Caribbean launches new hotel booking engine

In partnership with Priceline, Royal Caribbean has launched a hotel booking engine that makes travel arrangements easier before and after a cruise. Booking a hotel for a cruise has always been an essential factor in planning a cruise, and customers can now choose their hotel directly on the Royal Caribbean website.

New Royal Caribbean Hotel Reservations

The cruise line has made it easier to book a hotel before or after a cruise by launching a new booking engine. The new “Royal Caribbean Hotels” section of the website is in partnership with Priceline and offers exclusive rates with thousands of hotels in every Royal Caribbean port of departure and arrival.

The booking engine is not only for ports in the United States, but also in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia-Pacific and all of the Americas. The options are aimed at cruise passengers rather than general travelers with specific filters. Customers can filter by number of travellers, cruise departure or arrival city, and dates.

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The layout is very similar to a typical hotel booking engine. Guests can choose a hotel to find more details, including photos, verified guest reviews, amenities, and room availability.

Royal Caribbean Hotel Booking Engine

More aspects of a hotel can also be filtered, such as its rating amenities and specific location in the city. Although it covers hotels worldwide, only customers from the United States, Canada and Mexico can use the Royal Caribbean booking engine. Travel agents also have access to the new feature.

Why book a hotel for a cruise

Booking a hotel before or after a cruise has always been essential to prepare for a cruise. For customers who do not live near a cruise port, it is always recommended to arrive in the city where the ship is based at least the day before the departure date. Arriving earlier is always good in case any travel delays may occur.

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After the cruise, making sure a hotel is booked is just as important. A cruise ship could be delayed returning to its home port. Customers who book flights the morning of the ship’s return could be most at risk if the ship is delayed.

The Royal Caribbean Hotels section is now open for customers to start using, and it features on the front page the most popular destinations in MiamiSeattle and Barcelona.

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