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Police ordered to produce hotel booking email in Rosianne Cutajar defamation case

A court has ordered police to show an email regarding a hotel booking linked to Rosianne Cutajar and murder suspect Yorgen Fenech in the MP’s libel proceedings against the former National Book Council chairman , Mark Camilleri.

Camilleri requested the specific email as he defends his claim that Cutajar and Fenech were romantically involved.

He asked that WhatsApp chats and emails between Fenech and Cutajar be introduced as evidence in the defamation lawsuits she brought against him.

The request to produce the conversations was blocked by the court when Superintendent Keith Arnaud took the witness stand in the defamation proceedings on Thursday as Camilleri and Cutajar faced each other for the first time since the case began.

At the previous hearing, the court had granted a request for reversal of evidence by the claimant, ordering Camilleri to produce evidence to prove that his allegations regarding Cutajar were true.

Camilleri claimed that Cutajar and Fenech, who is currently awaiting trial for his alleged complicity in the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, were romantically involved and that Fenech was paying money to Cutajar as she defended him against charges. corruption allegations.

Yorgen Fenech awaits trial for complicity in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina

A real estate deal the former parliamentary secretary brokered for Fenech was a “pretend” for those payments, Camilleri wrote.

These allegations sparked the libel suit against him.

On Thursday, Camilleri asked Arnaud, as the lead investigator in the Caruana Galizia murder, to present conversations from Fenech’s cellphone that would link him to Cutajar.

But the witness was interrupted by President Rachel Montebello who pointed out that proper procedure had to be followed under section 518 of the Criminal Code.

This meant that Camilleri’s lawyer had to file a motion with the criminal court, currently in possession of the Fenech case files, asking for special permission to present these conversations as part of the defamation proceedings.

Hotel reservation

Another piece of evidence requested was a very specific email, regarding a hotel reservation through Expedia with particular details.

However, Arnaud explained that since the data on Fenech’s phone was ‘so voluminous’, he had asked his team of investigators working on the murder investigation to skip over anything not relevant to the murder. .

Therefore, he could not tell if this email existed, Arnaud explained.

The court ordered him to search for this email.

Arnaud said he would run a “basic search” using specific keywords and report his findings in the next session.

Finally, Camilleri also requested any communication between Fenech and Diane Izzo that could also be obtained from this telephone data. As Arnaud left the witness box, Camilleri’s lawyer informed the court that his client would not testify on Thursday.

The case continues in September.

Attorneys Edward Gatt and Mark Vassallo assisted Cutajar. Attorney Joseph Mizzi assisted Camilleri.

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