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Over 6,000 objections to apartment plans on Hotel Haven website

OVER 6,000 objections have been filed against plans to demolish the Haven Hotel in Sandbanks and replace it with an apartment building.

Controversial plans were submitted in 2017 to replace the Sandbanks Hotel with a new 171-room hotel, replace the Haven Hotel with three residential apartment blocks, and erect a 38-suite ‘aparthotel’ on the site of the hotel. Harbor Heights Hotel.

The plans were submitted on behalf of the owner of the three hotels, FJB Hotels.

However, according to the Sandbanks Community Group, which strongly opposes the plans, 6,252 objections have been filed.

David Morley, group chairman, said: “The number of objections to this out of character development plan too dominant to tear down the Haven Hotel and replace it with soulless buildings tells you all you need to know on the reasons why the plans should be rejected.

“Even if the plans were approved, developments on this scale should generate funds to help provide more housing for the local population.

“Instead, homeowners and developers are looking to divert funds that should be used to provide a contribution to more affordable housing for their own private benefit, leaving the contribution to affordable housing pitifully low. ”

A statement from Pure Town Planning said: “The program would provide three iconic buildings including a modern 171-room hotel on the Sandbanks hotel site, a 38-unit (148-bed) aparthotel on the hotel site. Harbor Heights and a 119- unit residential development in the heart of Sandbanks. on the Haven hotel website. All three sites maintain public catering facilities.

“The creation of three iconic developments will add variety and visual interest to the architectural environment of the Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks area.

Resident Julia Nott-Macaire opposed the plans. She said: “If the current proposal passes, it will not only destroy existing iconic views for people using the beach, but it will also establish a chair for future developments that would have a devastating and irreversible effect on the peninsula as a whole. . ”

Elaine Colliss said: “The proposed development is soulless and unimaginative. It would be a missed opportunity to build something much better and more suited to Poole’s iconic entrance, something that will stay with us for decades to come.
Planners are expected to meet in the coming months to discuss the proposals.