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Nano Hotel Booking by Erziman Asaliyev

Nano Hotel Booking – is an application for receiving orders and booking rooms in hotels, recreation centers, health centers, pensions.
Also, it can be used for daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly rental of real estate, vehicles, construction machinery and any other objects. The versatility of the application makes it suitable for booking services, for example, in hair salons, car workshops, gyms, etc.

The application is fully compatible with the desktop version (Nano Hotel Booking for OS X).

Functioning principles
The application is based on a calendar recording the statuses of hotel rooms (objects). The calendar shows the status of a hotel room on any day of the month. In the hourly rental mode, there is a separate calendar for a day divided into 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
Reserved days are highlighted in pink. For each free day, the room rate is given with regard to seasonal rates.
To reserve a room you must create an order for this room specifying the duration and type of rental. An order can be linked to the customer’s book, or you can simply enter the customer’s name and phone number directly on the order card.
You can book a free room directly from the calendar. You can open an order card or a room card from the calendar with one click. Rooms can be made unavailable, for example, for the renovation period. Rooms and orders can also be tagged with colored labels to show their current status.

In a room card (object) you can specify the price and cost of a rental day. If you have a lot of rooms, it will be more convenient to create price lists in the settings and associate rooms with them.
You can specify daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly prices in the price lists separately.
You can enter seasonal prices for each room. Season prices can be linked to price lists.
It is possible to add additional options to each order, such as food, excursions, transfers. There is an indication of the price of each option, as well as whether the price depends on the number of days and the number of guests.
An account of the appliances in the room is kept, i.e. refrigerator, television, telephone, etc.

Types of rent

This is the main mode of the application. The value of an order is calculated as the price per day multiplied by the number of days or nights, depending on the settings of the application (see “Settings” – “My profile”).

The value of an order is calculated as the price per hour multiplied by the number of rental hours (can be specified precisely to within 5 minutes).

Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
In these modes (cyclic orders), the value is calculated as the price per period (week, month, quarter or year) multiplied by the number of periods that have started. Let us demonstrate it to you through an example. Let’s say the monthly rent is 100 and let’s say today is June 30. Let’s create an order from July 1 to August 31 with a monthly rent type. In this example, the order amount on June 30 will be 0, because the rent only starts tomorrow. The order amount on July 1 will be 100. On August 1, the order amount will increase by 100 and will be equal to 200. On September 1, the amount will not change, because the order ends on August 31.
You can stop a cyclic order at any time. For this purpose, there is a “Close cyclic order” button in an order sheet. He will set the amount of the order equal to the amount of money actually received and the end date on the day of the closing of an order.

In all types of rental, the value of the options is added to the amount of the order.