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Microsoft announces hotel reservations feature and more for Bing

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In order to provide a faster response, Microsoft introduced a Smart Reply feature for Bing last year. This feature is powered by artificial intelligence. This smart answer gives more complete and accurate information and allows users to interact more naturally with the search result.

Now, Microsoft is taking this technology even further. Microsoft expands Smart Answers coverage by showing various other sources that also verify the same information. In order to provide more privacy, Microsoft will present up to 5 different websites that support the response. However, as of now, this experience is only available for the US and UK. You can check the image below for more information.

Microsoft is also implementing hotel reservation functionality in Bing. Whenever a user searches for hotels for the desired location and clicks on any of the options, various information about the hotel is displayed such as price from different websites, user rating , availability by date, equipment, etc. For obvious reason, Microsoft collects this data from various popular third-party websites like Expedia, Tripadvisor, etc. Again, this feature is only available for the user who lives in US and UK.

Along with the changes mentioned above, Microsoft is also improving the weather experience. In addition to the usual forecast information, you will see a live radar map of the city you are interested in. Additionally, Bing also provides forecast information for nearby cities, including average temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and more.

Microsoft is working very hard to bring more and more productive features to Bing. Microsoft’s search engine is quite popular and has seen significant growth over the past few years with reports claiming that 20% of “all searches” in the US come from Bing.

The popularity of Microsoft applications on Android and iOS devices and the significant growth of Windows 10 are one of the main reasons for this. Do you use Bing? Let us know in the comments below.