In the new post-pandemic travel landscape, the digital tools used by travel advisors are more important than ever to gain competitive advantage. Wasting valuable time navigating booking platforms that aren’t user-friendly or trying to decipher search results and complex fee structures won’t boost your results. Here are some things to consider when choosing a hotel reservation program.

How booking engines work and why some are better than others

In an increasingly connected world, the options for travelers are endless. However, travel advisors need the most reliable information so their clients can make the best decisions during the booking process. This means using a reputable booking engine that not only processes online bookings but also delivers relevant and personalized results with helpful filtering options to focus on what the customer wants.

Booking engines allow advisors to book directly with a hotel establishment online through proprietary software that automates and processes digital reservations which are then managed by the hotel. Having a reliable, state-of-the-art platform enables advisors to expand their reach to clients around the world and deliver rewarding client experiences.

Combining travel industry expertise with cutting-edge technology, leading booking engines allow advisors to refine or broaden their search while delivering the most value. Above all, advisors need a simple, seamless and secure booking experience on behalf of their clients.

Key Features Advisors Can Count On

Bedsonline’s platform handles a billion data requests every day and sells 50 million room nights annually in more than 30 countries. As part of the Hotelbeds Group, the program combines global reach with local knowledge. Advisors can take advantage of the platform’s access to leading travel brands while enjoying a personalized online experience during the booking process.

From easy-to-read dashboards to advice on local attractions or festivals, a booking engine should not only reveal real-time room availability and rates, but also simplify the tasks of advisers.

Your booking engine should be an all-in-one solution that’s easy to install and configure so that it works seamlessly with your existing technology. Advisors need an interface that is stable, simple, user-friendly and fully optimized for mobile use. The more customizable options, the better: you’ll want to choose a program that allows you to broaden or narrow your search based on your client’s needs. Whether you’re setting filters for amenities, location, or room size, the booking engine needs to be fast and flexible so you can provide quick and accurate quotes.

When you’re working with customers around the world, your booking engine needs to keep up. Bedsonline automatically adapts to different languages ​​and currencies based on your client’s itinerary or departure point, making it easier for advisors to book the right options based on budget or location.

Smart reservation programs also offer potential marketing and revenue generation tools. For example, Bedsonline’s search tool presents recommendations based on destination and hotel trends and best value propositions. Advisors can then target promotions to current and potential customers.

The best search engines also provide access to preferential rates or special discounts, which add a lot of perceived value for customers. So you’ll want to have the ability to create and add promo codes to your quote.

New enhancements that drive business

Advisors always welcome the opportunity to earn more fees on bookings. Bedsonline allows you to sell additional products such as tours, activities, and transfers as part of a quote, making it easy to generate additional revenue. The program also allows you to add administration fees.

A good booking engine can save you time and money

Since you cannot confirm a booking if you experience technical issues within your booking engine platform, top-notch customer support is essential. You’ll want to be assured that expert assistance is available 24/7, so you can enjoy your reservation when your client is ready to confirm.

Having the right booking engine also makes customer data collection more efficient, as all customer information is kept in one central location. Savvy advisors can then leverage analytics to track and understand their customers’ demographics, reward stays, and travel preferences, which can help build customer loyalty and potentially increase revenue in the future.