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Jurny raises $ 9.5 million to facilitate hotel reservations

Most hotels still make you wait at the front desk to check in, receive your key card and confirm your payment by verifying with an ID. Los Angeles-based hotel startup Jurny wants to make this process faster and easier, for both the traveler and the hotel.

“Jurny’s idea was to really consolidate this highly fragmented space into a single solution from a guest and operator perspective, as it is fragmented on both sides,” said CEO and co-founder of Jurny, Luca Zambello, adding that he sees the hospitality industry as one of the last to automate.

The startup provides software and services to hotels and short-term rental operators with the goal of streamlining their operations and making customer service available from a single dashboard. Travelers can do everything from changing the temperature in their room to unlocking their door from their app.

Hotel and rental operators – many of whom have been hit hard by the pandemic – can automate pricing, cleaning services and monitoring systems from Jurny’s dashboard.

On Monday, the startup announced it had raised $ 9.5 million in funding, led by Santa Monica venture capital firm Mucker Capital, in addition to Okapi Venture Capital and SaaS Ventures.

Luca Zambello, CEO of Junny

Zambello said he started the company because he wanted to give travelers an “Uber-like experience”. It is currently only available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Zambello, 33, is considered one of the early pioneers of the Airbnb platform, setting up a home rental business on the app. He said the experience had helped him see the need for a more streamlined on-demand hospitality service that could make staying in hotels easier for customers and operators.

Jurny is working on a revenue sharing model. The company receives a percentage of the hotel’s revenue, depending on the package chosen by the operator and the services it needs.

Zambello said the company will use the new funds to expand, develop more features and facilitate integration for independent owners and hotels.

So far, the app hosts the Blue Moon Hotel in New York, Casa De La O in Mexico, and 121 Hotel in Nashville, among others.

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