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jaisalmer: Rise In Cases fuels Jaisalmer hotel reservation cancellations | Jaipur News

JAISALMER: The omicron variant of the coronavirus has started to affect the tourism industry in Jaisalmer.
Recently there were no vacant rooms in hotels in Jaisalmer due to Christmas and New Years after the massive influx of tourists. But, now due to the increase in cases in many states, the cancellations have started. Surveys for tourist reservations have almost ceased. About 15-20% of reservations were canceled.
Until one day, all rooms in hotels and tent complexes were full in Jaisalmer. Tent resorts were full until January 4 and 5, but more and more cases of the omicron variant and state government bonding began to affect tourism activity.
Tourists at many budget hotels and tent resorts have started canceling reservations, causing concern for hoteliers, tourist businessmen, guides, Langa Manganiyars and camel drivers.
About two years ago, the tourist flow was significant this season.
Mayank Bhatia, a hotelier, said: “Due to the increase in cases of omicron variant in many states including Rajasthan, there is a fear situation among tourists and many cancellations have been made. During the last two days, no new reservation requests have been received. If this situation continues, the industry could again suffer a big economic loss. ”
The general manager of a three-star hotel, Shashi Kumar, said cancellations of reservations had started due to a new variant of the virus as there was a possibility of an influx of tourists in January, but now that seems difficult. For the past two days, inquiries about reservations have ceased and it could be a danger bell. Many people associated with tourism activity could suffer economic losses.
A leading tourist guide, Arun Purohit, said that in the past two months there has been a good influx of tourists, but now hotel reservations are being canceled and this will lead to heavy losses.
Another hotelier said 15-20% cancellations have started.