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Hotel booking tips and tricks from the experts

Booking a hotel often exhausts you having to search through all the good hotels for the rooms that best suit your budget. However, this way of booking hotels can quickly change if someone gives you expert advice on how to get the most out of your stay. Here are some of the smartest hotel booking tips and tricks that have been tried and tested by the experts.

The good moment

One of the best tips you can get for booking your hotel is to choose when it might be the cheapest. January is widely considered the cheapest month to book hotels (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) as people tend to travel less in winter, and around vacations that they commonly spend at home with their families. This is very good news for you if you are looking for a bargain. To make it even more exciting, the deals can be as amazing as five-star hotels offering rooms for less than $50 a night!

Sunday nights are also cheap

To add to the hype of choosing the right time to stay in a hotel to significantly reduce expenses while enjoying luxury, go on Sunday nights. However, this only applies to hotels in the city because weekend travelers have already left the city, which means that Sunday evenings are very often not booked. In addition, many hotels offer special discounts for these specific times of the week, which will not only allow you to get the standard room at a much lower price, but the price of the exclusive rooms will also be significantly lower.

Cash Back Opportunities

Saving money every time you travel is always a goal that should be pursued. The pros behind Get Your Stay point out that using major hotel search engines can earn you the most cash back, saving you money. These search engines often integrate all of the hotels and other rental options from the most popular travel sites in one place, making it even more convenient to find suitable hotels while having the opportunity to earn high cash back. . If you travel often enough, all the cashback you can earn can add up quickly, so be sure to consider this expert hotel booking tip.

Hotel booking tips

The business districts are a goldmine

We’ve discussed how good timing can hack hotel booking, but what about unique spots in town? If you’re traveling to a city popular with business travelers like Tokyo or New York, you might want to consider staying in business districts over the weekend. Many reviews indicate that since these hotels are usually booked throughout the week, during working days, weekends are almost always free. This isn’t particularly good for hotels and they often offer weekend discounts and specials, so be sure to make the most of it (unless you’re also traveling on business).

Bring your pet

While trying to book a hotel while traveling with your dog may get you some scorn or laughter (we know it’s not easy), some pet-friendly hotels will offer its customers who travel with pets the largest rooms. Yes, there are very few of them that aren’t afraid of dogs indoors, but all you need is a good hotel that will celebrate the fact that you bring your dog with you, and don’t disapprove of it not. If you have a dog and you can enjoy it, by all means, the world is yours.

Play the “Special Occasions” card

Another very smart way to get the most out of your hotel stay, its comfort and its price is to tell the hotel in advance that you want a nice room to celebrate. Be sure to say you’re celebrating something special, like an engagement. and you might be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the hotel staff can give you a much better room for the same price, or you might end up with a bottle of wine or champagne as a compliment. This hotel booking tip should not be used very often because hotel staff might give up trying to give anyone the benefits.

Be sure to implement all of these smart hotel booking tips as they can help you get the most out of your stay – price and comfort. Moreover, you can even get your cashback if you book through special search engines that combine all offers available on famous booking sites. What better trick for booking a hotel than making money doing it.