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Hopper now offers direct hotel booking

Hopper announced that more than 270,000 hotels in more than 200 countries and territories across 1,600 major cities are now available to book directly through the app.

The launch comes a year after the company rolled out the first-ever price prediction feature for hotels in a beta market – New York – and has since collected millions of historic hotel prices along with price data and real-time demand to accurately forecast prices for hotels around the world.

“There are now more choices than ever, with the most popular destinations averaging 1,000 hotels and the top US destinations offering over 350 hotels,” Brianna Schneider wrote in a press release. “To help you refine your search, we’ve also released a number of features. The new search function allows you to enter a city, neighborhood or even points of interest. You can also apply filters such as neighborhoods, rating, price, and amenities.

According to Hopper, booking a hotel at the optimum time can save travelers an average of $ 61 / night compared to peak prices. While most consumers miss deals because they only check prices too close to their travel date, users can now “monitor a hotel” and Hopper will predict and track the prices of selected hotels.

In addition, the app will continuously monitor public tariffs, as well as private tariffs for which the user might be eligible. Hopper will send a push notification if there is an instant price drop or a private deal is reached. The hotel can then be booked directly in the app with a few swipes and a tap.

“As you use the hotel function, Hopper will learn your preferences and provide you with personalized recommendations on the perfect hotel for you,” added Schneider. “Do you only stay in 4 and 5 star hotels?” Do you always book hotels with swimming pools? Basically, Hopper’s recommendation engine will learn your preferences in the context of a number of factors related to how you and others travel, and then make recommendations the same way a travel agent can. you’ve done them in the past (but smarter and faster). The more you engage with the hotel functionality (on average, Hopper users come back to the app every 3-4 days when planning a trip), the more accurate Hopper’s recommendations will be.



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