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Former Bournemouth hotel site near Hilton could become apartments

A FORMER hotel site in Bournemouth could be used for a six-storey apartment block.

The triangular site off Upper Terrace Road had been used for parking but is currently barricaded.

A planning application for the site, opposite the Hilton and Hampton hotels and adjoining 1 Upper Terrace Road, has been filed with BCP planners by Vivir Properties Ltd. Public comments on the proposals are open until November 25.

The documents with the bid indicate that 26 of the apartments would be two-bed, 5 one-bed, with the project providing spaces for parking bicycles and garbage cans on the lower ground floor.

The site, which was once occupied by the Terrace Gardens hotel over 20 years ago, is on the corner of Terrace Road and Upper Terrace Road, opposite the Hamptons and Hilton hotels with Edmonsham House on the other side.

A planning dossier for the building indicates that there would be a green wall surrounding the building at the lower levels along the north, south and east boundaries with a gentle landscape proposed on the east and south sides of the building.

The brief said: ‘The area of ​​Bournemouth where the site is located has undergone significant development and modification in recent years, and the proposed redevelopment of this site will continue this regeneration to make optimal use of the vacant brownfields in this area. sustainable downtown location. to shops, services and facilities and good public transport links.

“Currently the site is vacant and closed, forming an unsightly space in the street scenes of Terrace Road and Upper Terrace Road and does not positively contribute to the character or setting of the adjacent listed Victorian terrace building, nor to the local distinctiveness of the environment. region.”

The primary pedestrian access to the site would be from Upper Terrace Road, with the ground floor apartments having an entrance from Terrace Road.

Illustration of the appearance of the building, courtesy of David James Architecture / Vivir Properties

Site location – courtesy of David James Architecture / Vivir Properties