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Development of 45 million euros finally underway on the former site of the Moore’s hotel

WORK has begun on a € 45 million hotel and office development in Morrison’s Island, kicking off a long-awaited and long-awaited overhaul of Morrison’s Quay.

The contractors, the Cavan-based Elliot Group, have moved to the 0.65 acre site that once housed the Moore Hotel.

Mark Elliott, CEO of Greenleaf Group, which along with Warren Private is developing the site, said it should be ready for fall 2023.

The development will include a 6,800m², 187-room Premier Inn with offices in a ground-floor section, as well as the complete refurbishment of Nos. 11, 12 and 13 Morrison’s Quay into high-quality office buildings, including the 19th century facades will be preserved. The architects of the project are MDO Architects, Dublin.

Former Moore’s Hotel, Morrison’s Quay, where landscaping has finally started.

Enabling work on the site began a few weeks after the High Court’s decision in late July to uphold An Bord Pleanála’s planning permission to Cork City Council to implement long-standing plans for the revitalization and rejuvenation of the docks of Morrison Island.

The council is planning major repairs to the quay walls, improvements to the public domain and flood protection works in the area.

A council spokesperson said they had not yet issued the tender for the Morrison’s Island public domain and flood defense project, but planned to do so “in the near future. next months if there were no further legal challenges to the project “.

The Save Cork City campaign group has previously challenged the plans in court.

Mr Elliot told the Irish Examiner that they will implement their own flood mitigation measures by building the ground level of the new development above the flood level.

The development area is approximately 8,500 m², which includes numbers 9-14 Morrison’s Quay, 5-5A Fitton St, 1 Keeffe St, and adjacent lots backing onto Catherine St and Keeffe St.

Our 11, 12 and 13 Morrison’s Quay will be at the center of the development, with two new five-story hotel blocks ending these buildings.

The development site is owned by Quakeside Ltd, which reportedly bought it for 7 million euros in 2019.

The Morrison’s Island hotel is the first outside of Dublin for the Premier Inn brand owned by Whitbread Group, which has just completed pre-opening work on a 97-bed hotel on South Great George’s St (Elliot Group was also subcontractors), due to open in October.

Three more Dublin Premier Inns are under construction – a 113 bed in Gloucester St, a 151 bed in Newmarket Square and a 262 bed in the Castleforbes development in the docks – while a fourth hotel, at Twilfit House on Abbey St , is at the pre-construction stage.

Matt Gent, Whitbread’s director of property development for Ireland, said they were also “actively researching” locations in Limerick, Galway and Dublin, but had nothing further planned for Cork. Whitbread’s development partners are the Greenleaf Group and Warren Private.

Rooms at the Cork hotel will average 20m², according to Mr. Elliot, and it will also contain a generous bar, restaurant and reception areas. There will be no on-site parking. The ground floor offices in one of the hotel blocks will have access from Catherine Street.

The development will help breathe new life into Cork City’s lower docks, which the council described as “inefficient public spaces, mostly used for parking” and “underused as a riverside amenity” .

The council’s € 6million quay plan aims to capitalize on the southern aspect of Morrison’s Quay, with improved streetscape, incorporating a wide riverside promenade, near the impressive Holy Trinity Church, a plaza at the east end of the South Mall, and a redesigned Trinity Bridge crossing the Lee at Union Quay, where the Cork School of Music is based, and where University College Cork is planning a new business school on the former Brooks site Haughton – although the pandemic has delayed the purchase of a design team, according to a UCC spokesperson. A UCC spokesperson said that when the upgrades are finally complete, and with a new 106 million euro business school in the works and the new hotel replacing the Moore Hotel – which has gone out of business 16 years ago and was placed on the derelict City Hall sites register in 2018 – one of the city’s oldest docks is expected to have a secure future.