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Coronavirus: Call for a standard health protocol for all hotel services

The Cyprus Tourism Business Association (Stek) on Tuesday proposed setting up a standard health protocol for all hotels in the country, saying tourists learn about countries’ coronavirus measures before booking their vacations. .

In a letter addressed to the Ministry of Health and the Delegate Ministry of Tourism, the association asked to simplify the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in hotels by establishing a standard health protocol that would be adopted by all establishments on the island and will include restaurants. , swimming pools, gymnasiums, spas and other services found in hotels.

“The creation of a protocol specific to hotel units is considered necessary both for reasons of understanding and implementation of the measures, but above all in terms of the specifics of their operation,” Stek said in the letter.

The officials concerned will also be able to carry out their checks for the implementation of the measures in a more simplified way, it was added.

The protocol will also contribute to better information for travelers.

“The effort to attract tourists is particularly difficult this year due to the uncertain situation prevailing internationally,” said the association.

The establishment of a single protocol will make it easier for hoteliers to inform travel agents who, according to Stek, “require to know the measures adopted by the various countries to inform their customers”.

The association proposed that the protocol be prepared by the deputy minister of tourism in collaboration with hotel associations and representatives of the epidemiological team of the ministry of health, which will have the final say on the protocol.