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Building on the site of the Grove Court Hotel to be converted into a four bedroom house

A FORMER hotel that was first built in the 20th century as a kindergarten is set to be partially redeveloped into a four-bedroom house if planning permission is approved.

The former Grove Court Hotel in Cleator was originally built as a Roman Catholic nursery school in the early 20th century.

An application has been submitted to Copeland Borough Council with plans to redevelop a building on the site into a two-storey dwelling.

Day Cummins Limited is processing the application on behalf of applicant Colin Benn.

Their proposal is to demolish the main building of the hotel, allowing the site to be redeveloped but keeping the bungalows. The two-storey annex building will then be converted into a single dwelling.

In its design and access statement, the applicant has stated that the ground floor will remain largely free, with the existing bedrooms also remaining the same.

The upstairs bedrooms will be demolished to create larger and more open rooms, becoming the main accommodation with kitchen, dining room and living room.

The applicant considers this to be a positive step forward.

They said: “The redundant building will continue to deteriorate and after 2 years on the market no sales have been made. The proposed conversion to form accommodation will have a positive impact on the site and area and on a brownfield site. ”

It has been noted that this is “suitable ground for development” as the site is well linked to its surroundings with good views.

The building was internally modified in the late 1950s and early 1960s to accommodate its most recent use as a hotel.

The Grove Court Hotel suffered a kitchen fire in August 2019 with extensive smoke damage and ceased operations.

It was advertised for sale before the October 2018 fire, remaining on the market until November 2020. A bid was progressing but fell through and the hotel failed to sell.

An ecological assessment was carried out as part of the planning process, said: “The Grove Court Hotel provides low quality foraging and commuting habitats for bats in the area, but the building contains several features roosting potential and was rated as having a moderate potential to support roosting bats.

“Due to the potential presence of nesting birds in the building at the time of fit-out, it is recommended that work takes place outside the breeding bird season and not undertaken from March to August inclusive.”

The public has the right to see and comment on all development applications submitted for their area. All planning applications can be viewed on the Copeland Borough Council planning portal.